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Valentia Island – Kerry

Located on the Skellig Coast in the Southern Peninsulas of the Wild Atlantic Way adjacent to the Ring of Kerry, Valentia Island is still one of Ireland's best kept secrets. Our heritage as an island, the birthplace of global telecommunications, geological uniqueness stretching back 350 million years, a mix of traditional and planned built architecture, a place where you can embrace Irish culture of language music and sport – lets face it, we've got it all! Valentia Island is accessible from the other island (Ireland) by road bridge from Portmagee and by car ferry (April – Oct) from Renard Point, Cahersiveen. The ferry crossing takes 5 minutes. This is a continuous shuttle ferry that operates every ten minutes, 7 days a week from April to October: 7.45 am to 9.30pm and Sundays 9am to 9.30pm. (July & August last ferry at 10pm from Reenard). imilarly to the other island (Ireland) Valentia Island & its neighbouring islets are scattered with ancient Cairns Dolmens, Wedge tombs, Standing Stones, Ogham Stones, a promontory fort, remains of churches, numerous beehive huts etc…. but what we had that the rest didn’t, well there’s the Tetrapod Tracks and then there’s Mug Ruith…

Mug Ruith (or Mogh Roith, "slave of the wheel") is a figure in Irish mythology, a powerful blind druid of Munster who lived on Valentia Island, County Kerry. He could grow to enormous size, and his breath caused storms and turned men to stone. He wore a hornless bull-hide and a bird mask, and flew in a machine called the roth rámach, the "oared wheel". He had an ox driven chariot in which night was as bright as day, a star-speckled black shield with a silver rim, and a stone which could turn into a poisonous eel when thrown in water. Coming on a flight of fancy? Fly into Kerry Airport at Farranfore and arrange private taxi or car hire to Valentia. Or take a bus from Farranfore into Killarney and connect with the daily busses that service south Kerry.

You can use the map below to explore flight, rail and public bus options. Car hire is available at all Irish airports or private transfer to Valentia by taxi can be organised through the Tourist Office. The main bus route connection to Cahersiveen is 279a from Killarney that operates all year round. Route 280 is a Ring of Kerry service that operates during July and August.

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